Terms and Conditions:

Payment confirms registration of selected Firearm Proficiency Course/s.

  1. Full payment is due prior to enrolment. Study material will be given to the learner upon receipt of proof of payment for selected Proficiency Course/s.
  2. All fees and material/s are non-refundable & non-transferable.
  3. All course fees include course material, ammunition, range fees, weapon rental, consumables, and instructor/assessor fee (Unless otherwise stipulated).
  4. A formative assessment (open book test) must be completed in black ink prior to attending the arranged session/s (i.e. classroom lecture, closed book summative test/s). If the learner fails to comply, the learner will be asked to leave and reschedule an alternative date to attend the arranged session.  A fee of R 300.00 will apply.
  5. Should the learner not attend the arranged session/s and fail to complete the summative test/s within 4 months of registration, the learner forfeits their registration fee and a new course fee will apply (unless a prior arrangement has been made).
  6. The learner can complete the qualification shoot on the same day as the summative test or within a maximum of 30 days after completing the summative test/s (unless prior arrangement have been made).
  7. The learner must make appropriate bookings for the arranged session/s which are currently held on a Saturday from 08h30 to 17h30.
  8. Should the learner not notify AAA ALARMS EAST (Pty) Ltd. of their inability to attend scheduled arranged session/s and/or practical shoot, a “NO SHOW” FEE of R 350.00 will be applied and certificate/s will be withheld until payment is received.
  9. Ammunition provided for qualifying shoot/s are as follows:

Basic Proficiency:

  • 40 x Handgun Cartridges (9mmP/.38SPL or .22LR).
  • 25 x 12GA Shotgun Cartridges.
  • 40 x .223 or .22LR Cartridges for a Manually Operated Rifle or Carbine.
  • 40 x .223 or.22LR Cartridges for a Self-Loading Rifle or Carbine.

Business Purposes Proficiency:

  • 50 x Handgun Cartridges (9mmP or .38SPL).
  • 25 x 12ga Shotgun Cartridges.
  • 40 x Rifle Cartridges for a Manually operated Rifle or Carbine.
  • 40 x .223 or 9mmP Cartridges for a Self-Loading Rifle or Carbine.

* Should the learner be unsuccessful on their qualifying shoot, the learner will be responsible for range fee/s, weapon rental, consumables and relevant ammunition cost/s on their next attempt.

  1. Should the learner be unsuccessful on their first attempt on their closed book summative test/s, a FREE re-write will be offered (ONE per unit standard). However, a fee of R 250.00 per unit standard will be charged for every re-write thereafter.
  2. Appropriate clothing, closed shoes must be worn at all times in the classroom and on the shooting range.
  3. The student/s are welcome to bring their own ear and eye protection, will be provided by AAA ALARMS EAST (Pty) Ltd. Sunglasses or prescription glasses may be worn as eye protection.
  4. The leaner will be informed if AAA ALARMS EAST (Pty) Ltd. are going to use the outdoor and not the indoor shooting range for his/her qualification shoot. Please bring sun screen lotion, and wear a cap or hat for sunburn.
  5. The learner needs to produce 2 certified identity document copies (no older than 3 months) when attending the arranged session/s (certificates will not be captured without this).
  6. The learner needs to fill in and sign all the marked areas indicating “Learner’s Name, Signature or ID Number” do not fill in any DATES.
  7. If the learner is in possession of a valid Competency Certificate for any firearm, he / she do not have to do the “Knowledge of Firearms Control Act 60 / 2000” exam again. This course is a legal requirement for first time firearm owners only. Please supply AAA ALARMS EAST (Pty) Ltd. with a copy of your valid Competency Certificate.
  8. An appeal against an Assessment: In order to ensure an effective assessment procedure, the learner may appeal directly to the Assessor/ Training Provider and if unsatisfied, to the ETQA department of PFTC. The appeal procedure is laid out in your course (study) material.